Sculptures to be worn

My wearable comic-like sculptures want to wriggle around your fingers or hang around your neck. They are made in the lost wax method and cast in solid 925 Sterling silver, on request in Gold or other alloys, too. I make the wax models by sawing, filing and milling them by hand from a hard wax. Some of the creatures are available in different versions, after filing and grinding the surface some of the creatures are finished with fine gold, enamelling or diamonds in various colours. Your own ideas can be considered too, there are lots of possibilities never tried yet…

Most rings are spiralling around the finger so I can adjust them to the usual sizes easily. If a very big or small size is required, I can alter the wax model prior to casting. Some of the rings are made for the index- or little finger, where you can see more of them than when they hide between your fingers. But some people like to wear even these on the middle or ring finger and find that comfortable, too.)

My works are small series but custom items ( like for example the scorpion ring ) can be developed on demand, too.

I am happy to create wax models of figurative pieces for colleagues who are not
specialized in figurative sculptural work.

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